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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc breaking news. >> that breaking news is coming in from the district. three people were shot from a station convenience store. then got away and the vehicle was found several blocks away. the gunman is still of the loose. stories, a big break in the two murder mysteries. detective said a teenager is of this.le for all >> the suspect was arrested in of the d.c. taxicab -- taxicab driver. hours ago, the teenager was tied the murder of a woman in the
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waldorf. >> that a woman who was murdered her husband to was shot, it all happened behind westlake high school. of a bige night game.ll a lot of people at the stadium heard it happened. authorities in charles county d out who did foun it. >> we're confident we have the guy and he is in custody. weeks, the two murderer went unsolved. then today, a shocker. the teenager charged in the same team charged the murder of a taxi cab driver. the accused is joshua mebane . he lived with his parents in the same waldorf neighborhood as the cash -- as the couple earshot. >> he is only 17.
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>> neighbors are helping his family care for him. >> he has a lot of recovering to do. the neighborhood has surrounded .im >> charles county authorities said of gun found at his home the waldorf case. the motive in the cab driver murder was robbery. >> what would prompt a person to such a thing? >> i talked briefly with the mother. the family is happy there have .een charges in the end, it does not change that there for kids no longer have a mother. -- their four kids no longer have a mother. >> return to the growing scandal captivating the nation. that is david petraeus.
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have learned petraeus is in petraeus will have to answer to over his extramarital affair. she expects petraeus to testify. new clues into the e-mails the top u.s. commander afghanistan and tampa ey.ialite jill kell we're following every development. this is video of paula broadwell. dianne feinstein wants to note exactly what kind of paula broadwell been privy to. other lawmakers want to hear what petraeus knew about the attacks in benghazi. paula broadwell is seen for the since news of the
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affair that brought down david petraeus. biographer is seen having some int her brother the district tonight. in theer brother's home district site. was certainlynt s informedwhen he wa about the situation. twist in the scandal has put a harsh light on another four-star general, john allen. he is being investigated 20,000-30,000 e- himself and jill kelley. those on capitol hill are attempting to stay on task. not have any reason to think there are any national issues. >> the attack on benghazi has taken a back seat. petraeus may still find himself facing the senate intelligence committee. of has a great deal
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we need it.that >> the generals' confirmation hearings were set for thursday are now on hold. joe kelly has lawyer up. has hired the same man who represented president clinton edwards. >> tomorrow night in debt as a dates in the efforts to prevent the federal government going over the fiscal cliff. president obama will meet with at the whiteers house. labor union leaders met with the president today. tomorrow, we expect to learn nancy pelosi will leadership.e party she had saw to become speaker of e again but the controls failed to win of the house. it is a safety alert after a
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of men go on a brazen crime spree. we speak exclusively with the victim. >> monica was the first. >> my cell phone was dead so i not call 911. >> the men demanded a sex act. when the 23-year-old explained transgendered, the men tried to rob her. >> that was started just before midnight. robbery, double rape, and attempted kidnapping. the targets? women. >> we think it is the same group guys committing the crimes. >> police said the suspect 27-year-old when your 44th street.
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-- will amend the near 44th street. the police say to women walking on 48th street were the same redman in car. when suspect grabbed the victim -- said she was taken inside the car and raped. another suspect grabbed the said --man and police said she was also raped. >> this needs to stop. >> finally at 4:00 a.m., men tried to grab a 17-year-old girl. the suspect said, gets in the car i'm going to shoot you. the suspects took off. this is extremely concerned for residents. police will be stepping up in the targeted areas. you have any information, did not approach the suspects. they're considered armed and
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.angerous called 911. on a storyan update saw first on 7 per the principal at coolidge high the district is on afterdministrative leave employee of his tour and two others of assaulting .er accuser went to the hospital following that incident. did not address the of any charges. >> return to developing story -- we turn to a developing story on much brighter note. davey johnson has been named r of the year. he agreed to return next season. more from johnson later in sports. >> looking for to that. the justice system is under the microscope in the district again
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literallye brown served a few hours bind bars. after he pleaded guilty to bank fraud and campaign statute of violation. but we have the latest twist in scandal casting a cloud on the district. >> once a rising star in politics, kwame brown is now out of the job after spending the day into courtrooms. t ame brown strolled ou y night court tuesda straight into a political free fall. earlier, brown received a in superiorntence court, no jail time, on a charge.nor court, he was sentenced to one day in jail for personal loan documents. time has to court cases over, his when they ended about five-six hours of
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confinement. he refused to answer any questions. d.c. residents are talking. >> i think he should serve time just like any ordinary person. >> it is not right. not get off too easy. arrestlso under house for six months. he must perform 480 hours of community service. the second council member criminal charges this year. >> we need to clean house and elected officials accountable. >> on the other side of this issue, some argue the case was flimsyme brown at best. the federal judge sentenced him to only 1 days confinement. prosecutors, though, say this is words: greed and ambition. sticking with d.c.
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government, d.c. mayor vincent gray celebrated his 70th evening.this was welcomed by friends and his birthdayorters was last week, but tonight was his party. >> we had a bizarre story to e with you. >> of former dancing with the celebrity, and the that led to an arrest. a brawl between a bus driver and a customer. the bus driver is the one who's through the first punch. wine lead you to the fountain of youth? >> heading out tomorrow, not y wine, but you better bundle up.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at ctibank. >> a backtrack in the sex scandal surrounding the elmo puppeteer.
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the accuser recanted his accusations tonight. s of legal age when they had a sexual relationship. relieved to put this to rest. bus driver is after this fight with a high-school passenger. the fight began after the said she was playing loud.too girl never threatened the driver. the fiancee of u.s. soccer star hope solo is out of jail after arrested for assault. solo is the world cup goalie for the women's soccer team. the fight broke out at a house party and the police came and solo with a cut on her elbow.
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have the story that many women and some men will want to see. could help uswine a fountain of youth. >> we're not talking about drinking the wine. it is known as vino therapy. >> she is a married mother of two. she is hooked on a growing trend, a beauty products made from line. -- wine. >> i need to try this. that is where the love affair began. lines of products derived from grapes.
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full of anti oxidants. using these products can tighten reduce fine lines and wrinkles. perfect anti aging treatment. my skin >> it doesn't really work? we passed the chair of reallylogy -- does it work? we ask the chair of dermatology. she is hesitant to say one track a difference.ake say they can be effective if used over a long f time.o >> where there is more time for ingredients to absorber for this again. like botox.d of >> it is worth it.
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i can feel the difference. i really did fall in love with it. it really did not take much time to see the results. interesting. >> i think we have some skeptics. >> i'm trying to figure out whether chardonnay, cabernet. drinking at does not have the same effect. >> do not go there. we're not going there. about the weather. 70's,er being up intohe how the day started out. arlington at th washington lee high school. there were even a few spots of sleet. our temperature now, 40 degrees. high temperature today, 65?
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that was before the cold air. our temperature -- it goes into the record books. a year from now, it was a little after midnight. the temperatures in the mid part of the country. our current temperature is down that chilly 40 degrees. our temperature is now 25 below where it was. me take you back to about time last night. the line and showers and called the talk about. cloudsne of showers and i talked about. tonight, the breeze will drop. as we get into tomorrow, up and down the east coast, folks still recovering without power around york state and new jersey.
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of sunshine. later on in the week and early weekend, we will keep an eye down here. suggestion there be another area of storm iness developing. right now, no signs of a major storm. when you did at the head out morning, bond a lot, it will be cold. gaithersburg, frederick, maybe 27. 35 degrees in town. tomorrow you will want to walk the street. side of temperatures near 50 degrees, well below average. even later in the week. there is that chance late saturday in to send it of maybe -- saturdayowers into sunday of maybe some rain showers. a new blog about the outlook
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for winter, ready or not. colder than last winter. more details. >> not terribly threatening. >> not right now. >> the outlook for the nats are .ooking pretty good >> the national's continue to dominate. mike shanahan talks about the eagles. what happened tonight with the wizards? they could not make a
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the washington nationals of awards and theop national league. was named the group -- the year. of tonight, davey johnson took the manager of the year. he led the nationalist, a team which did not have a winning to the best team in all of baseball. davey johnson will turn 70 next year. he says it is world series or bust. if we did not win the i would getthought fired. if i won this award, i thought i t fired.
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hopefully, i can live through getting this award. world series or bus, it is going be my last year. >> the wizards went to charlotte their first win of e season. take you back to time -- time warner cable arena. made it look easy. he led the bobcats with 17 points. generateds could not any offense. 17 turnovers for the wizards. anythingd not get going. 92-76, that was the final tonight. let's go to college basketball. virginia hosting delaware. 59-oints and 20 rebounds, 53, a virginia hit only 37% of its shots.
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they'll lose tonight to delaware. the redskins will be back on the tomorrow.ield disappointing 3 and 6. be in totaleemed to disarray. the defensive coordinator fired. michael vick is injured. philadelphia -- players say this not over yet. >> mike shanahan came in at the meeting this morning. call it what you want, we have something special. i will not promise anything, but will try my hardest. the pittsburgh steelers say against thet ravens' this week. he may be out for a while and is not a good thing. baltimore place the steelers twice in the next three weeks. >> you never give me any swag.
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